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Posted by janinedavison on May 24, 2016

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As you make your way through your networking events, you should be meeting some very interesting people. Some of these people will simply intrigue you with their business idea and others you may like to align yourself with, do business with or perhaps start a joint venture?

So much time can be wasted “Coffee chatting” at networking events! So whilst I do not condone “Card collecting”  you must still have some sort of “Purpose” when you are networking.  And this shall ideally lead to some business meetings. I like to call these “Meet & Greets”.

Meet and Greets are a crucial part of your IGA’s (Income Generating Activates) that should be regularly done in your business. Learning about someone else and their business could connect you to more amazing people, so it is really important that you prepare for your face to face meeting. I hear regular stories of business people meeting brilliant connections that have led to a more successful business!

Some items on this list may seem like common-sense but sometimes we are just too busy to be prepared. So here is a checklist;

  1. Make a list of what you want to accomplish during the meeting. What is your purpose for the meeting? You don’t have the time to waste in business and you don’t want absolutely nothing to come out of 1-2 hour meeting at the Dome!
  2. Anticipate potential concerns from the client.  If you are meeting someone in the hope to turn them into a client/customer, you must get into their thoughts and think about their worries, concerns, frustrations. What would stop them buying form you? Have your answers BEFORE the questions are asked!
  3. Check to make sure you are completely prepared. (From pens, business cards, brochures to presentations) Unfortunately I have been too many meetings where people don’t even have a pen! Plus taking notes shows that you are interested and listening. And have a spare pen too!
  4. Remember to LISTEN more than you talk. This is probably the best advice I have ever been given! If you talk more than them it shows that you think more about yourself and that’s just not cool in business.
  5. Bring support staff with you (when possible) Bringing “Relevant” others to your meeting can be great to get your point across. But be careful as it can also become a “Gang-up” if you are dominating the conversation.
  6. Use and respect the clients’ format. (Who are they, Knower, Thinker, Feeler?) Understanding the personality of the other party will help you address their needs better. For example: If they are a clear “Thinker” slow down and give them time to actually think about what you are saying, without talking over them.
  7. Make it easy for them to buy from you (How can they pay you?) Money is always awkward to talk about in business. It’s even more awkward if you don’t have a clear way for them to pay you! There are some great one-click options now like; and various apps. So there is really no excuse.
  8. Find ways to boost your credibility. People buy confidence! While it’s great sending digital links to your Facebook reviews, it’s also a massive impact to have some “Touch and Feel” marketing to boost your credibility. Like a classy presentation folder with client photos and testimonials, or a look book etc. Part of your conversation could be showing them through this to boost your credibility. And as a tip though it should only be a few short pages, not your entire journey!
  9. Build and nurture relationships. Again this is not all about you. Learn more about the person your are in front of and they will walk away thinking your awesome. The key here is that you should know more about them, than they know about you. Sounds weird but I promise it works.
  10. Ask for what you need to do to seal the deal before you leave (CLOSE) If your purpose for the meeting is to secure business, make sure you have a script/plan in place to do this. Leaving a business meeting hanging, decreases your chances significantly. What will you say if they say, “I want to think about it”?
  11. Always follow up!!! Follow up is your second chance to make a sale. You are nuts if you don’t. Not following up makes people think you don’t care about them.
  12. Learn from No. If your meeting didn’t go to plan, find out why. Then you can improve/change it for the next time.

These are all important things to do both before and during your meeting. With confidence behind your business and product you will get the business!

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